These cool Japanese shoes have been used for years in Japan by farmers, mountain people, and gardeners and all those folks can’t be wrong.
Whether you need shoes for hiking, gardening shoes or just a great pair for going about your daily business, the Hamachi by FUGU has definitely got you covered.



Are you tired of sacrificing style for comfort when it comes to vegan footwear? These FUGU shoes combine the best of both worlds! The Hamachi from FUGU are cool Japanese shoes that you will love with all your heart and sole – pun intended.


EU35 – JP22.5, EU36 – JP23, EU37 – JP23.5, EU38 – JP24, EU38.5 – JP24.5, EU39 – JP25, EU40 –JP25.5, EU41 – JP26, EU43 – JP27, EU44 – JP28

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